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9 Sites to See in Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is an interesting city to live in and enjoy. The city is what many locals call a really big small town.   With so many counties and areas, there is always somewhere new to go and experience. If you are sitting on your couch bored, looking to plan a fun...

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Reviews?

Rowling into bookstores all over the US is the newest release of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” (see what I did there: Rowling instead of rolling?). This new book is the script of the new stage play, which is based on the original “Harry Potter” story. The play,...

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7 Ways to Stay Organized This School Year

Many people as the school year approaches make resolutions to stay more organized and do better in school. As an upcoming junior in college, I know a lot about organization. You could say that I am a total neat freak. I love to keep things organized, and it really...

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