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Paying the Toll for New Infrastructure

Toll roads are back in the news, as different proposals for rebuilding America’s infrastructure are floated. One way to build new roads and bridges without huge outlays of taxpayer money involves private investors building roads, and then charging tolls to make back...

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New Vehicle Prices Continued to Rise All Year

New vehicle transaction prices rose steadily throughout 2016, reaching a record level in December. The average paid for a new light vehicle in December was $35,309, according to Kelley Blue Book. KBB said that new-car prices increased by $521 (up 1.5 percent) from...

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Americans Workers Are Vacation-Challenged

The majority (52%) of American workers who get paid vacation days will fail to use up all of their allotted days this year, a new survey from Bankrate finds. Americans already get fewer paid vacation days than many other workers in advanced economies do. Now, we learn...

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The U.S. Housing Market Should Have a Happy New Year

Solid job growth, declining delinquencies and improving demographics should keep the U.S. housing economy strong in 2017, according to a new report from insurer Nationwide. The company, in its latest housing barometer, said that the majority of the most sustainable...

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