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Why We Can’t Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s official: the #1 cause of a poor night’s sleep is nocturia – or having to go to the toilet more than once in the night, according to new release from Switzerland’s Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Nocturia affects one in three adults over the age of 30 and two thirds of...

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Playing Video Games, Hacking as Career Tools

Young people who spend countless hours playing video games and participating in hackathons may be on to something. Far from wasting time, these people are building valuable job skills, a new report finds. Staffing firm Robert Half Technology recently polled Chief...

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The Workplace Comedian

Does it help or hurt to be the “funny guy” or gal at work? Does it gain you popularity at the expense of your career? When does workplace humor cross the line? These are just some of the questions that staffing firm Accountemps recently asked – and got answered – in a...

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