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Renting an Emmy-Nominated Home

What would it cost to live in the homes featured in Emmy-nominated television series? An interesting question, to which apartment and home search platform HotPads provides some answers. To estimate the rent costs for these fictional properties, HotPads used home...

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Dealing with the Equifax Data Breach

Consumer credit bureau Equifax has been breached, and millions of consumer files were stolen. Given the magnitude of the breach there’s a very good chance that one of them is yours. Here’s what we know, and what you can do to protect yourself. According to Equifax, on...

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Home Values Exceed Bubble Highs, Zillow Finds

The median U.S. home is $4,100 more valuable now than at the housing bubble's peak a decade ago, according to the July Zillow Real Estate Market Reports. The median home value across the U.S. rose 6.8 percent over the past year, to a Zillow Home Value Indexiii of...

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Late Baby Boomers Have Held Nearly 12 Jobs on Average

Individuals born in the latter years of the baby boom held 11.9 jobs from ages 18 to 50, a new report from the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. While nearly half of these jobs were held from ages 18 to 24, the overall number is still telling: we’re no longer a...

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